Sunday, August 18, 2013

Make a Statement...

So I hear the big trend for Fall 2013 are statement necklaces with preferably plain/monochromatic tops and dresses  (with jewel necklines). Or you can mix pattern and jewels but that's much harder to pull off.

Consider the statement necklace below.

While this necklace can likely be matched to a patterned dress or top, a plain dress/top will truly do justice to it. The key to wearing statement necklaces is accepting that the focus will be on the necklace. So if you want to wear a hot dress, or if you've done your makeup in a completely different style, know that it might not catch everyone's eye !

For a look at how pattern and statement necklaces work, I like this example below. It's a classic color pattern that most women are comfortable with. The cut of the dress will flatter most body types - from curvy to athletic, boy/slim. For those that want to try this style, this color combination is not only a safe choice, but an enduring one. It might be "in" for Fall 2013 but will still look good in Winter 2016.

With pattern and jewels, apart from just the color of the dress and the necklace, the fabric of the dress, the style of the dress will dictate the type of necklace as much as anything else.

Some statement necklaces can be a little deceiving. For instance, I loved this necklace when I first saw it online, but when you touch it and hold it in your hands, the actual impression of the necklace is "too plastic, too fake, kinda cheap". It is costume jewelry no doubt, but it feels like cheap costume jewelry at a high price point.

On the other hand, this other necklace below, similar in style, but at an even higher price point works. It could be as simple as the quality of work (to justify the higher price point?), but the color combination is also an advantage - it draws the eye but it can still camouflage flaws (or quality of construction).

Some of my favorite statement necklaces that I've seen so far are:

Something to keep in mind with the Kate Spade Puttin' on the Ritz necklace - it's LOUD. It's also an investment. It may appear trendy but can probably we worn countless times with a dress shirt, a jewel neckline top, a sheath dress, a strapless dress etc The only thing necessary to wear this necklace is CONFIDENCE! Because it is LOUD.

For the "low on budget, high on style" amongst us, here's a few affordable chic finds:

I really like this Gold and Pearl combination. It's a very versatile piece that will pair fabulously with most holiday party dresses. It's also a great addition to the carefree, "bohemian" style most of us adopt in the summer with less tailored dresses and a more casual vibe. The necklace can easily help make the transition from day to night.

The nautical motif comes back season after season with modern updates, but the original navy/white combo remains a staple. If you're like me, and you're already added some nautical/navy outfits to your wardrobe, this necklace presents an alternative way to take advantage of this repeating fashion theme.

These are just a few I see out there that I like. I will update this list with new finds!!!